Christians Spewing Hatred for Muslims Sounds a Lot Like Their Views of Jews During WWII

Though I may receive hate mail and at the least, refuting opinions that will be heated, I’m going to put this out there anyway in case no one has considered such regarding the following subject.

I am in disbelief at the hatred that is being spewed against an entire religious people as if they are all terrorists. Much of it by staunch Christians who think they have the answer to stopping violence… as if violence can be stopped by hateful words.

Do you realize that in the Bible we are told we kill one another with words, and it is taught by the sages that by even speaking about someone in a way that causes humiliation, or a blushing of the cheeks, we are causing blood to come to the surface, and that it causes a death of sorts of the human spirit. In the 1930s and 40s, many people my age who had Christian grandparents, may remember that many in that generation thought ill of Jewish people at that time. They viewed them as Jesus killers, though the one whom we believe in as messiah was Jewish himself. They were misinformed, misguided and latched onto views that their circles of influence spewed. Many didn’t want the US to take in Jewish refugees during the holocaust, even though there were horrific things happening to these people. Now, today, we know how ridiculous those views were, we know the horrors that were endured and most of us can’t fathom the thought that we would’ve rejected them from coming here to seek safety.

Today, there are untold horrors happening to the people of Syria and once again, the churches sing and many of its inhabitants yell that we should shut our doors to Syrian refugees who are Muslim. These are humans who believe differently than you. Human beings, created with the breath of God just as you and I. Without the human conscience, the heart and spirit of a man can be programmed to hate others. Is it much different though when religious people of a different belief system generalize an entire population and decide to hate them, publicly announcing that hatred?

Life is a journey. People grow and learn and are exposed to different ideas. Many are born into whatever religion they practice. They know nothing different. Christians are not to judge others outside of the church. Be kind. Show others a different way. Be overcomers, overcome the things in your own life and be free so you can be a light and show others real freedom. I’m working on this myself. This is the spirit. Not spewing hateful words towards people you don’t even know.

I happen to have friends who are Muslim. They are really good, genuinely beautiful people who are human beings. They too are on a journey. Several years ago, my family started identifying with practices most people think of as Jewish customs. That does not mean we don’t believe in Jesus anymore. It means that we learned some things in our journey that caused us to adapt our beliefs to our understanding. So a seemingly Jewish Christian family and a Muslim family are friends. We have even talked religion at times. But most of all, we are kind to one another, we laugh together, we buy services and goods from one another. Because we are humans. Because the message of my God is to love others, not to hate them.

God gave us a conscience and a spirit for a reason, so we would feel. So we could connect. So we could help others and not turn our backs. That is a gift that so many people don’t understand. So you paid for the guy’s coffee behind you at Starbucks this morning, that’s a great act of kindness…but how about we knock that up a notch, because you never know who’s watching, what they’re learning and what kind of example you can be to others. Could it be possible to bring peace to the world just by loving our neighbors as we do ourselves? Not just our Christian neighbors, but also our Jewish and Muslim neighbors? Our atheist neighbors, our dirty neighbors, our poor neighbors, our neighbors who are drunks, addicts and who probably just need someone to love them?

There’s a reason that that’s the greatest commandment next to loving God. He did not specify what type of neighbors he was referring to, I submit it was because He didn’t want us to either.

If you were traveling in a foreign country and all of the sudden there was a faction that took over and was killing Christians, would you want the neighboring Muslim country to leave you for dead, or open its arms and give you shelter…simply because they believed in human rights? How would it feel if they wouldn’t let you in bc of your beliefs when you meant no harm to them, and you had to watch your children be slaughtered, wives raped, and husbands shot right in front of you?

Treat others the way you want to be treated. What if that is the test? Is it possible that there are extremists that could come in that way if we allowed Syrian refugees? Sure, we need to be cautious, but they come in through the airports as travelers as well. Should we shut down all flights in and out of the country?

Here’s another thought on generalization. Is it possible that there are those who claim to be Christian who do bad, even extreme things, such as molest children? Yes. We know that to be true. Should the world view all of Christianity then as child molesters? Of course not. There are sick and twisted people, there are extremists, there is darkness in the world. Much of it is caused by ignorance and fleshly desire. Let us not be ignorant, but rather a light that flows so much that the darkness has nowhere to hide.

Love others as yourself. I don’t know whether it’s safe to let refugees in, I’m not knowledgeable enough in defense to make such a statement, but I do see similarities between the ignorance that caused people to reject Jewish people during WW2 and the ignorance that is taking place today. Just think about all human life being created by God and then think to yourself, should I hate an entire people just because they believe differently than I do, just because there are nut job extremists who claim to be of that religion…even when God created these people just as He did you and me?

Maybe the test is whether we can learn to love others even in our differences and in turn, become so connected as ONE people, that love kills out religious factions. The more love that spreads, the harder it is for people to be convinced to join these factions. And perhaps, they may actually be curious why it is that you are different than the others who are persecuting them which in turn opens doors for you to minister to them about why you believe the way you do, and how the message of love makes a difference…

Just some thoughts.

I also think that bashing our president on the choices he makes is antibiblical. Instead of bashing our leaders, look up what the Bible tells us to do for them instead. It isn’t saying hateful things about those in power, for all power is given by God. I’ve always considered myself a conservative, but for goodness sakes, the ignorance of many who claim this stance makes me ashamed to be associated with such. I watched the G20 Summit today and I actually have a great deal of newfound respect for our president. He spoke some very wise words that resonated with how I feel, I’m just saying, maybe you should watch it as well. He needs our prayers as does France, and every other country witnessing these horrific acts of violence. Perhaps we should try standing with one another rather than arguing about frivolous nonsense.


About Kim Gray

I'm in my thirties, the Black Crowes are being played on the Classic Rock station, and I just put a strip of pink in my hair. In addition to realizing mortality lately and deciding it's time to start really living, I am somewhat of a writer, definitely a thinker, and a wife and mom to a pretty amazing husband and three nifty kids everyday. I love to believe, to inspire and be inspired, I love the Lord, and I love learning, understanding and sharing. We celebrate the biblical, or Jewish holy days... though we are not Jewish really, we just want to obey the Father and show our kids how to be different, set apart, loving, non judgmental, tolerant of people trying to figure out life too, and still cool enough to affect society rather than being the effect of it. And to be honest, I'm not sure that I've done such a great job thus far, but we're figuring it out along the way... #thestruggleisreal

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